A platform for reducing carbon footprint.

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While built floor area may be doubled by 2050, carbon emissions will need to be halved.

Buildings represent00%of carbon emissions

00%Building’s Operational Carbon

00%Construction Embodied Carbon

Carbonno is a technology for building optimization. Enhancing the design and relying on materials with low carbon.

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Adding machine learning, boosting Carbonno.

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solvers graphic

Evolutionary Solvers to create enhanced solutions.

Operational Carbon

Data driven design & Design Optimization

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Embodied Carbon

Linked with low CO2 Materials databases.

Ai driven suggestions on constructions materials.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What’s Carbonno for?

Carbonno is an online tool that helps in the reduction of a building’s carbon footprint. By using Ai to optimize the buildings operational carbon, and by suggesting construction materials that reduce its embodied carbon.

Why use Carbonno?

Carbonno is the first widely available online tool that focuses solely on the reduction of the carbon footprint of a building. It provides ways the lower the operational carbon by optimizing the morphology, orientation, and placement of the building, and at the same time it grants access to a database of a large amount of possible construction materials to use and its impact in the embodied carbon.

Who is Carbonno for?

Carbonno is meant to be user friendly and accessible for any kind of person that is going to undertake a construction project to use.

How much time does the optimization take?

Both the operational carbon and embodied carbon optimization are in-real time. Currently, in the case of operational carbon the report will be finnish in a couple days time.

Can it be used for any building?

Yes. Carbonno is meant to be used for reducing the carbon footprint of any and all buildings.

How do I ask for an optimization?

To request an optimization of your building you can go to Operational Carbon and click on Ask For.

How much does the service cost?

The service is charged on a proyect by project basis. The total cost is 15U$S a proyect.

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